A New Collaboration!

Alejo Media is pleased to announce we are working with New Day Consulting Systems to help franchise clients reach audiences through video. New Day Consulting Systems works is a full-service franchise development firm, working with clients to ensure their success. Alejo Media is collaborating with New Day because of the commitment to their clients and their success in the industry. As video marketing grows New Day Consulting Systems realizes how important a role video plays in reaching new audiences and keeping current audiences informed. Alejo Media will be collaborating on franchise and crowd funding videos.

Kimberly Bonner is the CEO and Founder of New Day Consulting Systems, LLC, located in Reston, Virginia. She is a creative, innovative leader with close to twenty (20) years of experience solving critical, complex problems for constituents and clients. She has consulted for individuals, businesses and universities on issues from business growth and development, mitigating risk, and protection and use of intellectual property.

She is most well known for her expertise in intellectual property management and her expertise related to the businesses and enterprises that depend on intellectual property to function such as universities, franchises and marketing agencies.

New Day Consulting Systems is affiliated with close to 500 national franchise brands. Ms. Bonner works with small businesses to harness innovation and scale nationally and internationally. New Day Consulting Systems pioneered a three (3) phase system that increases the likelihood of franchise company success. 

Ms. Bonner received her Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia. She received her Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia.

For more information about New Day Consulting Systems, LLC, please visit the website: www.newdayconsultingsystems.com. Ms. Bonner can be contacted directly at kimberly@newdayconsultingsystems.com or via phone 703-925-5901.