A Different Ball Game

This month our Guest Blogger is Kathy Huycke. Some of you may know her as Alejo’s Project Manager, but you may not know what a great set of pipes she has! Kathy is stepping up and speaking out – and hoping to make a career out of it. She’s launched her voice over artist career! She is very good, very diverse and I’m not just saying that because she’s a friend and colleague! You’ll be hearing her on upcoming clients’ videos. But now, read her story in her own words, then listen to her words at her website Kathy Huycke 

Dreaming of doing something is one thing. Actually doing it is an entirely different ball game. In a different park. With a different team. Lucky for me, my dream was at least in the same sport, I just wanted to play a different position.

My chosen career out of college was video production. I’ve had many roles throughout my career and I’ve loved them all. Occasionally, I was able to play the role of voice talent. Over the years, my clients and co-workers would ask me to step in the booth and read for their production. They liked the qualities in my voice and I suppose knew that I wouldn’t be shy behind the mic. They knew I would give it my all.  I voiced commercials, characters, and narrated pieces as well.  I absolutely fell in love with being behind the mic.  I loved everything about it… getting immersed in a subject, a character, or a product or business, adjusting my tone and speed to fit the piece, taking direction, the silence in the booth, and even the feel of the headphones.

One day I just decided to go for it, leave my job, and become a voice talent! Okay, not really, but that would make a great tale right? It was more a series of events both personal and in my work that led me here.

One of those events was an all day voice workshop. I left that day feeling energized and excited, but the funny thing is that it became very clear that day that I had a lot to learn!  I had my work cut out for me, but that didn’t get me down. It energized me more, I was ALL IN. I learned quickly that having a nice voice is, well… nice. But that’s all it gets you. A nice voice isn’t a talent. Connecting to the material, making it come alive, being believable, being coach-able – that’s where your real talent is. It took some time, but I developed my talent and it’s pretty darn good. (if I do say so myself) But, i will always continuously work on developing my talent and my craft further.

I’m so proud of my journey and my hard work. It’s led me to be able to do something I love.  So, if you’re dreaming of doing something, don’t be afraid to switch things up, to play on a different team, in a different park, or an entirely different game. It may take time, but you’ll win at any game if you give it everything you’ve got.